Infinite Crisis video introduces Atomic Wonder Woman

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|08.16.13

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Infinite Crisis video introduces Atomic Wonder Woman
Infinite Crisis video introduces Atomic Wonder Woman
Who needs a lasso when you can wield a chainsaw? Not Atomic Wonder Woman! Meet this new champion and her chainsaw in Infinite Crisis' latest video. After the world is devastated by the nuclear firestorm of World War III, Wonder Woman's mission changes from peace to restoration, and she uses her new weapon of choice to fight for that end. A melee assassin, Atomic Wonder Woman has low survivability and huge burst damage. Her skills include Vault, Smite, and Savage Sweep, and her ultimate is Reclaimer. All of these skills are boosted by her passive, Rev, which builds up and offers a little something extra to each.

If you are heading to Gamescom 2013, you can play as Atomic Wonder Woman (complete with Rosie the Riveter scarf) at the Infinite Crisis booth in the Electronic Sports League hall CM Storm Arena. Otherwise you'll have to wait until she's released to closed beta on August 21st. In the meantime, catch all her moves -- along with a plenty of tips and tricks -- in the video after the cut.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release]

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