Jim Jannard steps aside, hands the Red Camera reins to Jarred Land (updated)

With Red Camera's industry footing now quite solid, CEO Jim Jannard is relinquishing his position at the helm. Jarred Land, the company's president, will become the new face of Red. Jannard announced the change in a post today over at Reduser, the forum he's used to announce everything from a lawsuit against Sony earlier this year to a DSLR replacement that never quite saw the light of day, way back in 2008. Today's thread, titled "My Final Post," details Jannard's nearly eight years at the company he founded, which began with the NAB 2006 debut of Red One and ran through shipping the Dragon upgrade, the component that essentially served to make "Obsolescence Obsolete." What's next for Jim? Retirement might be in order, and with upwards of $2 billion in the bank following his sale of eyewear and apparel maker Oakley, he certainly has the financial footing to back some pretty posh R&R.

Update: While Jannard will not continue posting, he is not retiring or leaving the company. He'll continue working at Red, but behind the scenes, with Jarred Land representing the firm publicly.