Oculus Rift's John Carmack working on mobile SDK support first, coming soon

Oculus Rift's John Carmack has 'a ridiculous amount of good ideas,' is putting work into SDK for mobile first

Ever since Oculus Rift hired Doom co-creator and legendary game designer John Carmack as Chief Technology Officer a few weeks back, he's been hard at work on the Rift's SDK. "John likes to do what he likes to do," VP of product Nate Michell told attendees of an Oculus panel at GDC Europe this evening. "He's got a ridiculous amount of good ideas that he's working into the SDK. Especially around mobile, frankly," he added, coyly teasing an update to the Oculus SDK that's apparently coming sooner than later.

Mitchell's speaking to the SDK's promised Android support, which company CEO Brendan Iribe revealed as a forthcoming goal in an interview earlier this year. When asked by a panel attendee when iOS support is coming, headset creator Palmer Luckey smilingly admitted, "It's Apple's fault!" Mitchell quickly jumped in, explaining that the Android platform is simply more open to peripherals like the Rift. We'll have more from Oculus as the week goes on, so keep an eye out for even more.