Breakfast Topic: What inspired you to level your alt?

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|08.21.13

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Breakfast Topic: What inspired you to level your alt?
Breakfast Topic What inspired you to level your alt
As I've mentioned once or twice in past articles, my main WoW project over the past months has been my brewmaster monk alt. He's turned out to be a lot of fun to play and a good reminder of how much fun tanking can be, but that's not the point of this article. The point is his heirlooms. I was pretty excited when I heard that patch 5.4 would bring with it the ability to put high level enchants on low level items, including heirlooms, even if said enchants would be scaled to level. I figured it would make those last few levels pretty fun if my swords had Windsong on them, if nothing else.

But my monk's coming along quicker than I anticipated. He's already in the low 80s, so chances are by the time patch 5.4 comes out, those heirlooms will be gathering dust in his bank while he's grinding scenarios and heroic dungeons. But I really want to try out high level enchanted heirlooms, so I may just do the unthinkable and level a rogue.

I'm not sure why, but never could get in leveling rogues. I've gotten a few to the mid-teens, but they've always fallen by the wayside. It's actually a little weird how much I don't like rogues. My main was a druid up until Wrath and I loved cat DPS and prowling in cat form, but the "big boy" form of the cat druid, the rogue, just never worked for me. I didn't like stun locking. Sticking to one set of weapons felt stiffling. Still, with a full set of leather heirlooms and a chance to have them all enchanted to the gills, I may just try it, if I can convince myself to delete an older alt.

What about you? Whether it's your current alt, an upcoming alt, or an alt long past, was there an interesting trigger for one of your alt decisions? Did it trigger you to finally try a class you once avoided, like me? If you still don't have a serious alt, or any alt at all, what might finally convince you to try one?
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