Formlabs releases PreForm OS X software for its 3D printer

3D printing is set to make the printing industry sexy again for the first time ever. In the next decade, the technology will change the way we acquire simple objects. Earlier this year, Formalbs made waves by raising US$2 million on Kickstarter for its high-resolution Form 1 printer. At the time, the companion software was Windows-only, but now the company has released an OS X versions of the PreForm software, as noted by Engadget. Formlabs made the announcement on its blog:

The day has arrived! We've had many requests for a Macintosh-compatible version of our PreForm software, and here it is. Head over to our software page to check out our new OS X-compatible version of PreForm 0.8.4.

PreForm on Mac OS X is a first-class citizen and we're releasing it with complete feature parity with the Windows version. Heading forward, we'll release OS X and Windows-compatible versions of PreForm simultaneously.

This is our first Apple release and we're still making it better. Help us by reporting any issues, requests, or bugs to

The PreForm software is a free download that you can play with now. A Formlabs Form 1 3D printer will set you back $3,300 and ships in November.