Google Keep update adds location and timed reminders, improves photo attachment

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Google's Keep still isn't quite as robust as competitors like Evernote, but an update rolling out today is narrowing the gap slightly. Mountain View is bringing both location- and time-based reminders to its note-taking app, dramatically increasing its utility as a task management tool. Sure, it won't let you set recurring events or assign duties to people, but it can nudge you to take care of the seating chart for your wedding or pop up your grocery list when you walk in to a Western Beef. Adding a reminder is as easy as tapping the "remind me" button at the bottom of any note, selecting the type of reminder then punching in the appropriate location or time. Any alarms can be snoozed or changed if it turns out to be an inopportune time. Google has also finally added an option to attach an existing photo when creating or editing a note -- a feature that clearly should have been included on day one. Lastly, there's a bit of a UI shuffle, with the now nearly ubiquitous sliding navigation drawer being added to the left-hand side. As is usual with these sorts of things, the update is rolling out in waves, so just keep checking the Play store for updates.

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