Battle Worlds: Kronos out in November, open beta in late October

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Battle Worlds: Kronos out in November, open beta in late October
Battle Worlds Kronos out in November, open beta in late October
Battle Worlds: Kronos, the turn-based strategy game by developer KING Art, which took in over double its $120k Kickstarter goal with $260,235, will launch in mid-November. The game will initially be available on PC, Mac and Linux, making its way to mobile and tablets by mid-2014.

The hex-based, Advanced Wars-esque game will also begin an open beta several weeks before launch. The game, which has already passed Steam's Greenlight process, will be available through that digital distribution network, along with and KING Arts' website. The studio hasn't decided on a tactical price yet for the game, but the strategy is to keep it under $30.

The German developer isn't used to their games being on an international stage, nor having so many sales through digital distribution networks, since Germany still has a very robust retail PC business.

"80 percent of our Kickstarter was internationally supported," KING Art studio head Jan Theysen told us today at Gamescom. "Also, 80 percent of our sales will be digital versus boxed." A boxed version is planned for Germany and the studio is having meetings about boxed versions for other territories.

Battle Worlds: Kronos will also add free downloadable content after launch to all players. Theysen tells us depending on sales, the company will discuss making a Kronos sequel or move on to create another game. Either way, Theysen says the studio has enjoyed the freedom the Kickstarter model gave them in bringing Battle Worlds: Kronos to the public.
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