Report: Google to develop automated driving system with Continental and IBM

Both Google and German auto supplier Continental made Nevada their high-tech vehicle testing grounds in 2012, but who'd have thought the companies might end up collaborating? According to German newspaper Daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the tech giant is very close to inking a deal not only with Continental but also with IBM. The paper's sources didn't go into specifics, only that the trio will collectively cook up an automated driving system for cars. It's worth noting that what Continental tested in Nevada was a driver assist technology that makes it easier to navigate traffic. Whether Google is bringing the firm onboard to fine-tune its own self-driving car system or whether the companies will work on something new remains to be seen. However, if the deal does go through, we'll know at least some of the juicy details in September, as Continental plans to officially debut the collaboration at the Frankfurt Car Show.