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Google Now updated with car rentals, concert tickets and more

Traffic and weather updates are great, but Google Now never shines better than when you're on vacation. To that end, Mountain View has taught the feature a few new tricks, equipping it with cards for keeping track of car rental and concert tickets. Not traveling? No problem, Google also updated Now's public transit cards to notify users when the last train home leaves -- a feature that was announced for Japan at Google I/O. While waiting, users will also be able to check the latest NCAA scores with a new football card.

New cards are always good, but more interesting are the reminder features the latest update tacks on. Thumbing a new "remind me" button while searching for media will prompt Google Now to notify you when your favorite band, TV show or author releases something new. A tweaked TV card will offer real time data as well, sussing out what program you are watching using your smartphone's mic and digging up program information. Itching to try it out? Skip on over to the Google Play store and update your search app. You'll find that link below.