Tomb Raider worldwide sales exceed 4 million units

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Darrell Gallagher, head of product development and studios at Square Enix, says Tomb Raider has sold over four million copies worldwide since its debut earlier this year. "We now sit in a great position where the decisions we made and the willingness to embrace a new direction resulted in the fastest selling game in the history of the franchise and the most critically acclaimed title ever produced from the studio," Gallagher writes in a blog post on Gamasutra.

Outside of Tomb Raider, Gallagher calls out Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause 2 as successes for the company. Sleeping Dogs has become "profitable" for Square Enix and both games enjoy a monthly active community of over half a million players each.

Tomb Raider is a game we thought catered well to both series diehards and new fans alike, in a story arc depicting Lara's ascent from amateur globetrotter to toughened adventurer. A sequel is currently "well into development" for next-gen consoles.
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