Mirror's Edge reboot held back by DICE, not EA

Mirror's Edge reboot held back by DICE, not EA

Fans have wanted a follow-up to Mirror's Edge since the original game hit shelves in 2008. Why then has it taken more than four years for that follow-up, which was constantly teased and hinted at, to be officially announced? According to Patrick Bach, executive producer at developer DICE, it's because the studio didn't have a strong enough pitch to sell to parent company and publisher EA.

In an interview with, Bach said that DICE didn't pitch the Mirror's Edge reboot - often referred to as Mirror's Edge 2 despite not being a sequel - until they were happy with it. "... I think we are the bad cop in most cases when it comes to scrutinizing ideas and IPs and features, or whatever it might be," Bach said. "We would not try to pitch something that we didn't believe in, and that takes time."

Bach also spoke well of EA and its treatment of IPs like Mirror's Edge. "... in general, EA is very positive about us, like [asking us], 'What do you want?', instead of someone telling you, 'Build this, do that'."

The Mirror's Edge reboot is slated for both next-gen consoles, as well as PC, and will release "when it's ready."