Feedly Pro now available to everyone, offers a 'more powerful' reader for a fee

Feedly's popularity increased massively with the news of Google Reader being put out to pasture, so much so that it figured it wouldn't be such a bad idea to introduce a paid version of its RSS service. Therein Feedly Pro was born. Now, after being available to a limited amount of people, Feedly Pro is opening its doors to everyone, provided folks are willing to fork over the $5 per month or $45 per year for the extra functionality. Here's what those fees will get you in return: more search options within feeds, one-click integration with Evernote and Pocket, premium customer support and, lastly, HTTPS support to keep things vastly more secure. According to Feedly, additional features will be coming regularly to Feedly Pro in order to bring more productivity tools to users and, perhaps more importantly, make itself sustainable going forward.