Samsung's 55-inch curved OLED hits Europe this week for 7,999 euros

We guessed Samsung wouldn't be far behind LG in terms of its curved OLED's European debut, and we were right. Starting this Wednesday, if you're in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium or Italy you'll be able to bring home a "flawless" screen for a mere €7,999 (around $10,697) -- a full grand less than LG's similarly-sized not-flat display. We've been wondering when we'd see the tech giants sparring again; thanks for not making us wait very long, Samsung.

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Samsung curve de OLED TV, launch the European Countries

- Curve de OLED TV, Germany / France / UK and other European Countries Release
- 24 days, FC Bayern Munich CEO ceremony to bring the curve de OLED TV 1 No.

Samsung curve de-perfect picture quality and state-of-the-art performance of OLED TV will inform
(Seoul = News Wire ) August 27, 2013 - Samsung curve de OLED TV launched in major European and embark on a full-scale European premium TV market penetration. , Samsung Electronics from September 6 to be held in Berlin, Germany, Europe's biggest consumer electronics Trade IFA2013 comes 28 days ahead of the United Kingdom, starting with Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and other European Countries have a curve at the launch event for de OLED TV plans to launch the case of Germany, located in the heart of Frankfurt Samsung Store brand in Germany invited key media briefing curve de OLED TV is going to have.

Meanwhile, the German professional soccer league Bundesliga last 24 days of the 50th anniversary of the launch of Samsung curve de OLED TV Europe No. 1 customer, German professional soccer team FC Bayern Munich's CEO and former football player 'Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Karl Heinz Rummenigge)' to deliver the product to hold events was the case in Austria, one of Europe's attractions Vienna Albertina Museum (Vienna Albertina Museum) invites the media to the curve De OLED TV is expected to have a launch event. Albertina Museum currently using a Samsung Smart TV, the world's first interactive multimedia gallery tour guide, and event through the operating curve de OLED TV Samsung's state-of-the-art technology and artistic flair of the harmonized product plans to highlight its beauty.

Moreover, the curve de OLED TV UK launch event is a major consumer of VVIP floor consideration of the characteristics known as the world's most expensive apartments 'One Hyde Park (One Hyde Park)' event held in the penthouse In addition to the media will be composed of apartment owners selling Blue House members invited to the room and is expected to be linked. vice president of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Division yiseonwoo "state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics in harmony with the major European curve de OLED TV showcasing local consumers are delighted, "said" to carry out major events around the launch of Samsung curve de OLED TV picture quality and state-of-the-art performance, the perfect to make for yourself, "he said. curve de Samsung OLED TV the local selling price is 7999 euros.