Apple TV outage: TV shows menu not visible (Updated)

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Steve Sande
August 29th, 2013
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Apple TV outage: TV shows menu not visible (Updated)

According to a recent tweet, since verified by our staff, there's an issue with Apple TV in the US at the current time. The TV shows menu, which is normally accompanied by the Movies, Music, Computers and Settings menus, is AWOL. The first sign of this issue appeared in a series of tweets by @CraigGrannell:

Apple's System Status web page doesn't cover Apple TV, so there's no sign of the outage on the Apple site. We'll update this post as news becomes available.

UPDATE: The outage is also affecting the TV shows tab in iTunes -- rather than going straight to the listings of TV shows, clicking on the link at the top of iTunes returns users to the home page. Here's a tip from @moiseschiu on Twitter.

UPDATE: As of 6:20 PM EDT, it appears that all of the issues are resolved.

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