Dollar Store Accessories: Case Logic Flash drive carrier

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Dollar Store Accessories: Case Logic Flash drive carrier

In this brave new age of the Cloud, it's not surprising that USB flash drives are slowly disappearing from our lives. That's not to say they're gone quite yet -- especially for anyone parenting school kids.

Flash drives continue to be a staple for the homework and term report crowd. They commute their data to and from school via sneakernet. And, regularly, they subject their parents to the eager call of "I caaaaan't find my flaaaaaash drive," typically at the price of US$5-$10 per incident -- not to mention the tears and suffering of lost work.

For these kids and their parents, this Case Logic transporter, found at my local Dollar Tree, offers the perfect backpack accessory. It provides a carabiner clip for attachment and soft, padded pockets for up to four drives at once.

Sure, kids are going to still lose their drives, and they're still going to have to re-do their homework, but at least with a unit like this, their drives will have a specific place to live. A reasonably conscientious child -- say one that will grow up to be an auditor or bank employee -- will benefit from its existence.

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