SMITE introduces Zhong Kui, tweaks Guan Yu

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.29.13

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SMITE introduces Zhong Kui, tweaks Guan Yu
SMITE introduces Zhong Kui, tweaks Guan Yu
It's time for another SMITE update, and you guessed it, Hi-Rez has introduced a new god to its mythology-based MOBA. Zhong Kui, otherwise known as The Demon Queller, is version 0.1.1705's big kahuna.

His Demon Bag passive allows him to capture demons and gain protection from each subjugated spirit. Zhong Kui also features a DoT called Expose Evil and a couple of other nifty skills that you can view in the video we've embedded after the cut.

SMITE's latest patch also features significant updates for Guan Yu, including a new 3-D model, effects, animations, and art. Full details are available via the patch notes below.
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