PlayStation Home closing doors to new content in Japan

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Sinan Kubba
August 30th, 2013
PlayStation Home closing doors to new content in Japan
PlayStation Home won't receive new content in Japan starting next month, while other regions in Asia will stop seeing Home updates starting March 2014. But don't fret just yet, Home users in North America and Europe: According to Sony Computer Entertainment's announcement, the PS3 avatarium will continue to be updated weekly in your regions.

While maybe not the focal point it once seemed it might be, Home has been going strong for nearly five years, featuring content updates that have included new areas, games, gear, and other goodies. It's even been a hub to watch Sony events from, like the PS4 reveal.

Whether or not today's news signals the beginning of the end for Home remains to be seen. Back in 2011, Sony said PlayStation Home had been visited by 23 million users worldwide, a fair deal of those happy to stump up cash in the virtual world.
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