What's next for Nokia? Here maps, network infrastructure and 'advanced technologies'

Now that Microsoft has the reigns to Nokia's devices and services business, what's the company going to do with all that spare time on its hands? It's keeping busy, it seems. Outlined in a separate announcement from Espoo, Nokia is going to play to its existing strengths, continuing to develop its Here maps platform, with the aim of becoming the "leading independent location cloud platform company, offering mapping and location services across different screens and operating systems."

In the slightly more straight-laced (but profitable) world of network infrastructure, Nokia's NSN will continue to develop and build LTE networks and, well, whatever comes after that. Which ties in neatly to Nokia's third focus: advanced technologies. The company aims to continue exploring "new business opportunities," continuing to research and develop concepts involved in connectivity, sensing and material technologies -- possibly along the lines of concepts devices we've seen from Nokia in the past. This is also the same arm of the company that'll keep an eye on Nokia's patent portfolio. The company is unsurprisingly bullish about its future, with its new interim President, Timo Ihamuotila, reckoning the deal will make Nokia's financial situation "significantly stronger."