FlatOut dev launches crowdfunding campaign for Next Car Game

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FlatOut dev launches crowdfunding campaign for Next Car Game

Bugbear Entertainment is independently crowdfunding Next Car Game, a smash-em-up, derby-style racing game due out in early 2014 for PC, and possibly headed to next-gen systems if the campaign raises enough money. Bugbear is a Finnish studio responsible for the FlatOut franchise and Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

Bugbear's site offers pre-orders of Next Car Game, which will drive development. Pre-orders get early access to the game this year and these players will provide feedback that will shape Next Car Game's final touches.

There's no set amount that Bugbear needs to raise to finish Next Car Game, but if it gets 10,000 pre-orders, it'll launch a playable "sneak peek." Right now the pre-order tiers are at lowered prices, starting at $25 for the game, early access and exclusive wallpapers, and topping out at $100 for an exclusive car, the soundtrack, your name in the game and other digital goodies. An alpha version of Next Car Game will be released regardless of how much money Bugbear raises.

The studio considered Kickstarter, but it ran into a few roadblocks.

"We wanted to do a Kickstarter!" Bugbear says. "But it turned out to be tricky for non-US citizens, and Finnish law prohibits raising money for commercial purposes. We still wanted to show everything we've got right now, so we chose to set up our own pre-order site immediately! If you're thinking of holding off purchasing until the possible, speculative Kickstarter – please don't! We're sure we'll make it worth to you to jump on board immediately."
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