Telus document: iPhone 5 models could be discontinued September 28th

Telus to discontinue iPhone 5 32GB and 64GB versions according to internal document

A leaked document from Telus seems to confirm recent rumblings that the iPhone 5 could be discontinued following Apple's colorful event on September 10th. The internal notice of discontinuation shows 32GB and 64GB versions of the phone disappearing on September 28th (one day after the expected 5S availability), with the 16GB model escaping the axe. That lines up with rumors that the iPhone 5 will be displaced by a new iPhone 5S model at the high end, and a widely rumored, multi-hued plastic version at the mid end. Prescient analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also thought the 16GB iPhone 5 would stay on to bolster the bottom of the lineup, much the way the 4S does right now. All of that seems to tie everything up in a nice bow, but still -- rumors and leaks, right?