Qualcomm takes on AirPlay with AllPlay wireless streaming

Qualcomm debuts AllPlay wireless audio streaming, takes on AirPlay

Looks like the Toq smartwatch isn't Qualcomm's only announcement today. At the chipmaker's Uplinq conference in San Diego, CEO Paul Jacobs also announced AllPlay, a wireless audio streaming tech based on Qualcomm's Alljoyn software framework. Like Apple's AirPlay, the technology lets the user stream music from apps to compatible speakers, receivers or other devices. One of AllPlay's first partners is Rhapsody, and Jon Irwin, president of the music service company, came on stage with Jacobs to demonstrate streaming Rhapsody tunes to several different speakers in the room.

Other AllPlay features include the ability to play different songs on different speakers and you can even have separate volume controls for each. According to Jacobs, AllPlay-compatible audio equipment is coming and an AllPlay SDK should be out before the end of the year. There's no word yet on which hardware maker is on board. Nevertheless, it does seem like the media streaming space just got a lot more competitive.

[Image source: GigaOm]