Allods Online's Everlasting Battle update is now live

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Allods Online's Everlasting Battle update is now live
Allods Online
Today's a big day in the world of Allods Online. Webzen has launched the game's Everlasting Battle expansion, and with it come huge changes for Allods players. For starters, the expansion creates a new subscription option for Allods; players can move from the item shop model to a "subscription-based" server. The sub server allows players to earn in-game items by completing quests, killing bosses, or purchasing those items with in-game gold, in lieu of buying the items via real-life cash.

As for the game itself, Everlasting Battle introduces a new friends system that enables mount sharing and ability boosting, along with major overhauls to the Mage and Summoner classes. Additionally, guilds with more than four groups waiting for PvP battles will have the option of participating in a Dominion Raid, which pits up to 48 players in a battle for guild superiority.

Finally, German, Polish, English, and French servers have been merged into one enormous European server. Players will be able to use the existing game client to access it.

[Source: Webzen press release]
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