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MAKEwithX offers Moto X owners the tools to 3D print accessories for even more customization

If all of the possible combos afforded by MotoMaker just aren't enough to properly outfit that Moto X handset, MAKEwithMOTO has a tool that's ready to lend a hand. During the course of some recent make-a-thons, the crew has wrangled software and 3D printing tech to further customize those shiny new phones. MAKEwithX allows those that have splurged for that Android smartphone to design and 3D print unique accessories and cases with the help of generators like Radiolaria -- furthering the user-designed motives behind the entire Moto X line. These add-ons include NFC-enabled topographic dog tags and tessellation bracelets as well as backplates and clear cases that keep that custom color visible. Output colors are said to match up with MotoMaker's accent hues. Code for many of these generators are open source and built on the Cubify platform from 3D Systems. Tagging tweets with #makewithx if you're in the northeast US (mostly between Boston and NYC) will put you in the running for a chance to construct your own creations with the MAKEwithMOTO crew. For a bit more info about the whole project, venture on to the coverage link that follows.