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The last days of Distro

The last days of Distro
Christopher Trout
Christopher Trout|@Mr_Trout|September 6, 2013 5:30 PM

On Friday, September 27th, Engadget will publish the last issue of our weekly tablet magazine, Distro.

However, Distro (unlike disco) isn't dead. When Distro launched in October 2011, we were entering a relatively new space. At the time, we were one of the first online-only publications to produce a companion magazine app. We launched the same day as Apple's Newsstand and landed there (and on the Android Market) less than two weeks later, while some of the biggest names in publishing stood by to see if the tablet was worth the investment. Over the course of two years, Distro has served as a jumping-off point for award-winning design, in-depth analysis and a focus on long-form storytelling, and we plan to bring everything we've learned to Engadget at large. Along with a commitment to thoughtful design and feature content, you'll start to see some of our favorite recurring features popping up here on Engadget's homepage. So, while Distro will no longer live in the Newsstand, or Google Play or Windows Store, it's not quite time to pull out the bagpipes. So instead of saying goodbye, let's leave it at we'll see you tomorrow.

Distro will continue to be available in the Newsstand, Play Store and Windows 8 marketplace until early October. After that, you'll be able to download archived PDFs from Engadget.

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The last days of Distro