PS Vita TV is a mini console that brings games and services to your TV, arrives November for around $100 (video)

This tiny 60mm x 100mm wonder is the PlayStation Vita TV. Not only is it a miniature console that plays Vita games and connects to PlayStation controllers, it also offers access to Sony's Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited service, karaoke and more -- all for 9,954 yen (around $100). It's a knowing nod to the likes of Ouya, NVIDIA's Shield, and even Google's Chromecast although it's a little bit different again, attempting to broach both gaming and online media consumption. Other services ready for the PS Vita TV include Twitter (through Sony's own client), Hulu and NicoNico Douga, with even more media providers signing up to offer their services on the new device, at least in Japan. Up close, you can see it includes HDMI output, space for a (proprietary Vita) memory card, a slot for Vita games (on the side), plus USB, power and ethernet ports.

You will also be able to buy a set with a controller and storage card for 14,995 yen ($150) and it's set to go on sale (in Japan at least) on the 14th of November. And there's another key feature: the PS Vita TV will also allow you to connect to PlayStation 4 (when it arrives) for remote play, acting as a secondary terminal for gaming when you're not in the same room as your next-gen console. You'll find a promo video showing off the new device right after the break.