Indie Royale goes Back to School 2: Save Harder

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Indie Royale goes Back to School 2: Save Harder

Indie Royale has prepared yet another bundle to celebrate the youngsters' return to school. The Back to School Bundle 2 features six games in total, five known and one mystery offering.

Thunder Wolves, from Most Wanted Entertainment, headlines this Indie Royale bundle, offering helicopter-based dogfights in an arcade shooter setting. Stellar Impact from Tindalos Interactive is next on the list, presenting players with tactical space combat as they work to upgrade their ships, weaponry and personnel.

Divo, a puzzle-platformer from Jugadorgl, is perhaps the most unusual of the group; it's a game where players control a hamster stuck in "a cyber wheel." Then there's 100% Orange Juice, an interactive board game by Orange_Juice for up to four players, and Apple Jack 1&2 – a double pack of the noted platformer that made its debut on Xbox Live Indie Games in 2010.

This bundle will be available for chump change over the next week. The current minimum is $5.17, and anyone who forks over more than the minimum will also score a bonus album: "Chiptunes 2013" by Darkman007.
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