Motorola's working on a new tablet and it could be made-to-order through Moto Maker

Motorola's working on a new tablet and it could be madetoorder through Moto Maker

Motorola's not just pinning its hopes on the success of its new smartphone, the Moto X, it's also going after tablets. As CEO Dennis Woodside told Engadget at the company's Fort Worth facility, "That's something we are working on, but [there's] nothing specific to talk about right now." While we're sure this new Moto tablet X will be a far cry from the company's past Xoom and Xyboard efforts, it's not clear if the device will be available to consumers through Moto Maker, the company's made-to-order site. But with Woodside and other Motorola's execs insistence that customization is the way forward, chances are you're likely to see the in-the-works slate arrive with various configuration options. There's also a likelihood Motorola could release a phablet-sized Moto X. Woodside said the company also plans to explore other form factors that incorporate "some of the design cues, as well as technologies, from the Moto X[.]"