Sony's 3-in-1 Walkman WH series can be headphones, MP3 players and speakers

Sony's just amped up its Walkman line with the WH series of headphones, though the term "headphone" fails to capture the essence of the new models. The company's also stuffed a 16GB MP3 player into the high-end NWZ-WH505 and a 4GB unit into the NWZ-WH303, giving you up to 4,000 tracks without any other device. It's also compatible with a Mac, PC and other playback devices via a supplied cable. To top it off, you can take the cans off and flip a switch to turn them into xLoud tech speakers with Virtualphones surround sound. The NWZ-WH505 will deliver 20 hours of 1000mW, 5-25,000Hz headphone playback (30-20,000Hz for the WH303) on a full charge and an hour's worth with a three minute quick charge. As for the speakers, we're not sure how well they'll fill in for a dedicated unit, but it's gotta be better than those on your smartphone, no? Sony's still mum on pricing and availability, but you can hit the source for more info.