Sony's MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones serve up surround sound in style

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Sony's MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones serve up surround sound in style
We've seen some rather homely cans in our time -- wireless and otherwise -- which is why we were delighted to see that Sony's latest set of 7.1 channel headphones doesn't sacrifice form for function -- at least not on paper. The MDR-DS6500 setup offers up a slew of surround sound modes, including Dolby Digital, Sony's Virtualphones Technology, a 100-meter (330-foot) operating range, and automatic tuning. Sony's also promising 20 hours of listening for every three hours the things spend on their charging dock. We're not sure how much they'll set you back, but they are set for release sometime this May. Of course, we'll hold our judgment until we actually hear how they stack up. Full PR after the break.
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Immerse yourself in the ultimate 3D listening experience: MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones by Sony with 7.1ch digital surround sound

18 April 2011

Digital wireless headphones with 7.1ch surround sound
Interference-free CD-quality audio with long 100m range
7.1ch Virtualphones Technology (VPT) places headphone sound 'behind and beyond' the TV screen
Quick, easy wireless charging – 3 hrs charge gives approx. 20 hrs playback
Stylish monolithic design

Now you can experience a rich, 3-dimensional world of crystal-clear sound with your headphones – with no interference and no wires.

The new MDR-DS6500 digital surround headphone system from Sony gives TV programmes, movies on Blu-ray Disc™/DVD and PLAYSTATION®3 games the soundtrack they deserve.

Exclusive to Sony, Virtualphones Technology (VPT) reproduces the soundstage of multi-channel speakers to create an immersive acoustic space. Even if you're listening to a stereo 2ch or 5.1 channel programme, VPT builds a virtual 7.1 channel soundstage that stretches 'behind and beyond' the screen. There's also a choice of selectable surround sound modes to optimise listening for movies, gaming or speech.

With a generous operating range of up to 100m (approx.), the MDR-DS6500 lets you wander freely around the house while enjoying uncompressed CD-quality sound.

All-digital wireless transmission resists noise and interference from other devices in the home. Automatic tuning switches seamlessly between RF channels to optimise signal reception at all times, with no glitches or drop-outs.

Aside from superb audio quality, the MDR-DS6500 is beautifully easy to use. Just connect the headphone's processing unit to any multi-channel source and enjoy an immersive, 3D listening experience.

The sleek, monolithic design of the charging cradle makes a dramatic match for your BRAVIA home theatre system. When it's not being used, just rest the MDR‑DS6500 on its elegant wireless charging dock. 3 hours charging time provides power for a generous 20 hours (approx.) listening time.

The new MDR-DS6500 digital wireless headphone system by Sony is available from May 2011.
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