Blizzard wants your questions

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Blizzard wants your questions
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WoW players are full of questions about the game. Why are we going to raid X? Why is this character behaving this way? Why did you guys nerf my favorite spell? Where will we be going next expansion? When do I get my pony?*

Over on the official WoW forums, Bashiok has announced that Blizzard is looking into new ways to communicate with their fans, and in particular, new ways to answer questions. This testing phase has begun with an open thread calling for any and all questions you may have relating to WoW. They expect a great deal of topics relating to 5.4, considering its newness, but don't feel obligated to limit yourself to 5.4, any topics are welcomed. So head on over to the thread and vent your curiosity, it's for the greater good!

*There is no pony, only mage tears.
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