Deezer music service expands as it launches on Philips and Panasonic Smart TVs

Deezer's currently competing with the likes of Spotify and Rdio to win over the streaming souls of the world, so it knows how important it is to be available in as many countries and on as many platforms as possible. Taking that into account, the music service announced it has inked a deal with Panasonic and Philips which will bring its web-based tunes to Smart TVs made by those companies, similarly to what it did with other manufacturers earlier this year. What's more, Deezer also (quietly) updated its app on LG and Samsung television sets with improvements to search, an easier way to manage the music library and an option to access your friends' playlists. Of course, this all only applies to places where Deezer is present -- in other words, folks here in the US of A need not to power on their Smart TV and look for the app. One day, perhaps.