Preload Grand Theft Auto 5 on Monday in US, Sunday in Europe [update]

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Preload Grand Theft Auto 5 on Monday in US, Sunday in Europe [update]
Update: Rockstar has sent out a tweet clarifying preload times for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3. In the US, PSN users who pre-ordered the game can download the game files on Monday at 3am EST; in Europe, it's Sunday at 3pm BST.

Original story: Those who pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto 5 through PSN will not be able to preload the game ahead of its September 17 launch. A Rockstar representative confirmed the news with Joystiq, stating that there would be no preloading in the US and that "it's not our call."

Those who pre-ordered the game in Europe will have to wait until Monday, September 16 to preload Grand Theft Auto 5, a post on the forums reads. Europe was originally supposed to be able to preload the game from today on.

A whole slew of details about Grand Theft Auto 5's plot and soundtrack were leaked through a European PlayStation Store pre-order file last month. Sony took responsibility for the leak and removed the file, which could be the reason for the last-minute preload delay in Europe. We've followed up with Sony for further clarification on the matter and will update this post accordingly.
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