Venerable PCalc app gets an upgrade to version 3.0 for iOS 7

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Venerable PCalc app gets an upgrade to version 3.0 for iOS 7

PCalc may not be the longest-lived app in the Apple world (I believe ProVUE Development's Panorama database for Mac may be the winner at 25 years old), but the scientific calculator app from developer James Thomson is pretty darned close. The Mac version of PCalc will be old enough to drink legally in most states -- 21 years to be exact -- in December of 2013, and it has a younger sibling in the iOS world that just received a new coat of paint and a major tuneup for iOS 7.

PCalc 3.0 (US$9.99, universal) can now be switched into a new default iOS 7 theme called "Samurai" that brings the thin, flat minimalism of the new OS to light. Other themes that you've grown used to in the past are still available, however.

But the looks aren't all that have changed for PCalc. On the iPhone, there's now a "smarter display" that uses a larger font size for entries and results if there are fewer lines of data to display. That should make it much easier to read numbers on the small screen as you're using a Lorentz Transformation to calculate tips at your favorite restaurant.

The list of improvements goes on and on, so I've added them to the "Press Release" button below. If you need more than just a four-function calculator for your favorite iOS device, definitely check out PCalc 3.0. And if you've been using PCalc for iOS, be sure to load the update as soon as you can.

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What's New in Version 3.0

Added full support for iOS 7, including a new minimalist look for PCalc.
Added a new default iOS 7 theme, "Samurai". The other themes are still available in the settings.
Smarter display on iPhone, uses bigger font size when there's fewer lines of data to display.
The tape now shows all operations including functions, conversions, and constants.
Added a two new layouts on iPhone that let you have the tape permanently on-screen.
Added support for speaking actions and results on iOS 7.
Added new digit display options.
Added "Gas Mark" to the "Cooking" section of the unit conversions.
Added an option for constant functions in algebraic mode - press equals to repeat the last calculation, or enter a new value and then press equals.
Added an option to greatly increase the size of the text on all buttons.
Added an option to use dynamic type on iOS 7.
Added an option to hide the status bar.
Added an option to switch off all animations.
Added an option to switch off changing the number of display lines by swiping.
Added a button to change all settings back to their default values.
You can now double-tap the 2nd button to lock it in the on position.
You can now set the current layout via the PCalc URL scheme - useful with apps like Launch Center Pro for launching PCalc in different setups. Usage is pcalc://layout/name.
PCalc now inserts an implied equals if you start entering a new number mid-calculation.
On the phone, tapping the display at the bottom while in settings, conversions etc. will quickly return you to the main calculator.
Fixed a problem with user constants not syncing correctly via iCloud.
Fixed a crash when editing functions and conversions.
Improved startup speed.
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