Windows Phone Store passes 9 million daily transactions; targeted ads incoming

The Windows Phone Store might not be as big as Apple's App Store or Google Play, but Redmond claims it's showing decent growth. According to WP Store General Manager Todd Brix, the platform has surpassed 9 million transactions of combined app and in-app purchases per day. That's a total of 270 million per month, or 70 million more than what was reported in June. Ballmer and Co. want those numbers to grow even more, of course, so they've streamlined payments from carriers, making sure they're eligible for payout after 30 days. While that might entice more devs to dip their toes in the platform, you'll first be seeing more ads than new apps -- the company will start issuing unique device IDs to new advertising partners. It claims the UDIDs aren't linked to particular devices and won't give out identifiable information, but if you still feel unsafe or don't want to be served targeted ads, you can always opt out.