Mutant Football League takes the field on Kickstarter

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Mutant Football League takes the field on Kickstarter
Mutant League is back... if it can get $750,000 in Kickstarter funding. The latest franchise tackling nostalgia for cash is the Sega Genesis-era series that combined over-the-top mutant violence with sportsball. It was like the opening scene to Last Boy Scout with zombies, but without the serious.

The Kickstarter campaign is being headed by Michael Mendheim, the creator and lead designer on the original game.

"Mutant League also spawned a syndicated television series, a comic, a toy line and a sequel called, Mutant League Hockey. Then the game was suddenly cancelled and Mutant League was no more," wrote Mendheim on the game's campaign page. "The [new] game features will include the use of brutal enforcer players, field obstacles, hazards, player weapons and dirty trick plays (where throwing a bomb is literally throwing a bomb)."

If successful, Mutant Football League is scheduled to take the field in the next 14 to 18 months.
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