Square Enix resumes Final Fantasy XIV online sales

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Square Enix resumes Final Fantasy XIV online sales
Final Fantasy XIV
In the wake of server issues, queue struggles, and player complaints, it looks as though Square Enix is feeling a little better about the operational state of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn -- so much better that the game is once again available for purchase in digital form from the official Square Enix store.

Sales were halted soon after FFXIV's re-launch due to server instability and quite a few other problems. Those who were lucky enough to snag a copy before sales went offline have been suffering through login restrictions and other emergency measures put in place to help even things out and keep the servers from exploding.

With sales back online and more people rushing into the fray, Final Fantasy XIV seems to finally be moving forward, one Chocobo-sized step at a time.

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