LotRO's Guardians to get off-tank build

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.17.13

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LotRO's Guardians to get off-tank build
LotRO's Guardians to get offtank build
What's on deck for Lord of the Rings Online's Guardians once the expansion hits in November? A new class dev diary reveals how the heavy metal fighters are being reworked from the ground up, including a brand-new trait line for an off-tank build.

The new trait line is Fighter of Shadow, and it uses a marking mechanic to tag mobs for future proc buffs and heals. Guardians who pursue the Fighter of Shadow will become effective off-tanks, able to block with two-handed weapons and throw out more AoE attacks than the other two builds.

That's not to say that the other two trait lines, focusing on tanking and DPS respectively, aren't seeing some work done. The tanking Guardian will get a stacking buff that can provide mitigation to himself or his fellowship, and the DPS Guardian will become a master of bleeds.
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