iConsole.tv Android gaming PC updated with Intel Iris graphics, consumer units expected to start at $399

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iConsole.tv Android gaming PC updated with Intel Iris graphics, consumer units expected to start at $399

Remember the iConsole.tv, Christopher Price's Android-powered gaming PC? It's back, and it's better: Mobile Media Ventures has announced that the project's developer unit is getting a spec overhaul, upgrading to a Haswell-based processor with Intel Iris graphics. The dev hardware is getting a new price too, and will now be available for $699. While the company hasn't released final pricing on the consumer model, it estimates the computer will cost between $399 and $499, depending on the configuration. The final details won't be available for a few months yet, but Engadget spent some time with an early prototype back in May -- discovering a wicked fast Android device with a comforting Linux dual-boot option (for when you want a more traditional desktop, of course). Although we won't know for sure until we see the final hardware in action, the iConsole.tv is starting to look like it might be a fairly versatile Steambox alternative. Check out the company's official announcement after the break.

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SANTA CLARA, CA - Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. today announced sales and
specifications for the iConsole.tv Developer Kit.

iConsole.tv, is an Android-powered gaming console, with performance never before seen in the Android™ universe. Powered by an advanced Intel Core™ processor, the product is positioned as a high-end gaming console, with groundbreaking new innovations in both gaming and personal computing.

Built from the ground up to be a gaming console, iConsole.tv is designed with HD DVR, 4K, and 3DTV in mind, as well as to deliver Android in a gamepad, and keyboard-andmouse friendly experience. iConsole.tv is the first gaming console to feature dual-HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, for driving up to two high definition TVs simultaneously. Today, the company is introducing its mass-production developer kit, Unit 00, that will give developers everything needed to deliver games for iConsole.tv.

"iConsole.tv gives Android game developers a whole new world of possibilities in highperformance gaming." Say Christopher Price, founder and CEO of Mobile Media Ventures. "Additionally, traditional console developers will find the horsepower and native performance that iConsole.tv delivers, to be like no Android before it."

The iConsole.tv Developer Kit, Unit 00 uses a fourth generation Intel Core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 500 GB Solid State Hybrid Drive, along with 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, and Gigabit Ethernet.

"We're taking Intel Iris™ graphics and building a gaming console that delivers a truly unique Android gaming experience." Christopher continued. "For the first time, Android will be able to compete in the high-performance gaming and computing worlds."

The production iConsole.tv will utilize Fourth Generation Intel Core Processors with Iris Graphics technology. The developer kit, Unit 00, is using similar processors which have been re-tuned by Mobile Media Ventures to mirror these upcoming Intel processors."We're re-tuning chips to run harder and faster than originally intended. The consumer iConsole.tv will be much more compact, and cost much less."

iConsole.tv is not only powered by Android, but features a Linux Desktop, for a unique 2-in-1 experience. The iConsole.tv interface runs entirely in Android, and has been optimized for both gamepads, and traditional keyboard-and-mouse utilization. Its Linux Desktop feature will simultaneously empower enthusiast gamers to quickly run thousands of existing PC apps and games, including Valve's Steam®.

"We're building the first Android that can run an entire universe of Steam® 'boxed' games" Christopher continued. "But our goal is for users to find the Android environment we're building to be amazing both for gaming, television, and even casual PC uses. We're focused on a long-term strategy to build up Android in the living room, and as a high-performance computing platform."

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iConsole.tv Android gaming PC updated with Intel Iris graphics, consumer units expected to start at $399