Boeing gives retired F-16 fighter new life as a drone (video)

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Daniel Cooper
September 24th, 2013
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Boeing gives retired F-16 fighter new life as a drone (video)

If "fighter pilot" was your desired career, you'd better hurry up now that Boeing is looking to replace you with a robot. The company has retrofitted a retired F-16 fighter, which had laid dormant for 15 years, into a drone for combat training missions. Rather than risking life and limb in the cockpit, two test pilots can maneuver the craft, now called QF-16, from Florida's Tyndall Air Force Base -- presenting rookie flyers with a target that can hit 9G and supersonic speeds. There's an explanatory video below, which explains the benefits of computer controlled planes but... wait a minute, isn't this the plot of Stealth?

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