RealPlayer Cloud fuses video player and cloud storage, launches on Android, iOS, PC and Roku

RealNetworks is trying something a little different with its attempt at launching a cloud service in a very competitive market. It's combined its upgraded player app with 2GBs of free cloud storage, allowing users to move videos across devices, stream or download them and beam them out to compatible TV sets (via Roku). The new service also means you can share "long videos" from your Android / iOS device to any other video-capable device, and the end-user won't need to download an app to play it. This is possible through RealPlayer's new 'SurePlay' tech, which auto-formats outgoing videos to the suit screen-size, available bandwidth and storage space of receiving devices. There's no shortage of compatible hardware, either. Alongside apps Google's mobile OS and iOS, videos can also be shared or viewed through Windows PCs, Roku TV units and, in fact, any device that can use a web browser. If 2GB sounds a little tight, subscription plans will start at $5 per month for 25GB, and up to $30 per month for 300GB, for those that really can't stop sharing. We've added RealNetwork's Consumer-facing Matrix (read: price chart) after the break.

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RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK) today announced the launch of RealPlayer Cloud, the first integrated video player and cloud service. RealPlayer Cloud allows people to seamlessly move, watch, save, and share their videos across any device. RealPlayer Cloud automatically transforms video formats in the cloud to give viewers the highest quality experience possible, no matter what device or screen size. RealPlayer Cloud apps are available starting today for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, We and Roku.

"The amount of video content that consumers are capturing and watching is exploding, but moving that video around is often painfully difficult," said Rob Glaser, founder and interim CEO of RealNetworks. "RealPlayer Cloud is a breakthrough product that gives consumers a seamless and easy way to move, watch, save, and share their videos across all their devices. In short, we've made video easy."

With RealPlayer Cloud, consumers can:
· Move their videos across their devices, to watch them on any device they choose.
· Stream or download their videos locally for convenient on-the-go access.
· Watch their videos on their TV.
· Share their long videos directly from their phone, PC or tablet to whatever device their friends happen to have, with no app download required by their friends.
· Securely store their videos in the cloud.

RealPlayer Cloud's seamless multi-device functionality is enabled by SurePlayTM, a revolutionary technology from RealNetworks that enables seamless auto-formatting of videos to fit the device type, size of screen, available bandwidth and storage space available on the device.
RealPlayer Cloud apps are available as a free download on six platforms – Android Phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows PCs, Roku TV Players, and any other device via a Web Browser. RealPlayer Cloud comes with two gigabytes of cloud storage for free to all users in North America. RealPlayer Cloud also offers additional storage via subscription plans that start at $4.99 per month. RealNetworks will be rolling out RealPlayer Cloud on other devices and in other territories and languages in the months ahead. For more information on RealPlayer Cloud, please visit