Ginger is a new app for creating presentations, somehow tied to Adobe

Ginger isn't available yet, but it is already generating buzz. Not for its marketing video, nor for its simple website, but for its potential tie to a massive company in the software world: Adobe. Ginger promises to enable users to "show your story to the world in minutes" via its upcoming mobile application -- you can create slides with audio and visual components and then push them to various social media. It sounds a lot like PowerPoint for mobile, albeit with fewer options (no mention of video, for instance) -- not exactly Adobe's first foray into mobile, but another interesting step for the company.

The Adobe tie-in pops up when signing up for Ginger's "keep me in the loop" email newsletter. A confirmation email from arrives as confirmation, which tells us that either Adobe's involved or the company's been kind enough to Ginger to offer up free email hosting space (an unlikely scenario, we'd say). Of course, we've reached out to Adobe for further details and will let you know if we hear back.

Update: Adobe issued the following statement to Engadget regarding its connection to Ginger: "Adobe is constantly evaluating new ideas and market testing new innovative products. Ginger is one of many explorations in our product pipeline. We'll update you should Ginger, or any other exploration, become an important part of our product offering."