Evernote updates iOS app, announces partnership with Post-It and creates Evernote Market at EC3 conference

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Evernote, the go-to note-taking app for 75 million people, has announced the latest expansion of its empire today at its EC3 conference with the unveiling of Evernote Market and a partnership with Post-It Notes. Yes, that's right: Post-It Notes, where people's random ideas were stored before Evernote.

The partnership with the Post-It brand, and Post-It owner 3M, is particularly exciting. The companies are developing a special line of Post-It notepads that will allow users to take photos of their notes for seamless transferring and searching (using color coding) via Evernote. So if you find your desk so cluttered with stray Post-Its that it looks like a detective's dream board, in the future Evernote will be able to help you quickly search and organize those ideas.

This Post-It partnership is the driving feature behind today's update for Evernote iOS. Version 7.0.1 brings a new Post-It Note Camera to the app. You can assign notes to different tags, notebooks, and reminders based on the color of the Post-It, and then search through handwritten text in images. The update also fixes numerous bugs.

But where exactly do you buy these special Post-It notes? That's where Evernote Market comes in. Evernote Market is the company's first entrance into the world of physical merchandising, providing a mix of Evernote-enhancing office tools alongside branded products. While the Post-Its aren't available on the Market yet, they should be in stores like Staples and Office Depot soon.

Among the other office offerings the company debuted today were new, Evernote co-branded devices from from Fujitsu, like the ScanSnap, and Adonit's custom-designed new Jot stylus for Evernote. ScanSnap is releasing a special Evernote Edition scanner for transferring your paper notes directly into the service.

Meanwhile Adonit debuted the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus, the first fine point stylus on the market. Adonit's Jot Script is optimized to work with the company's Penultimate handwriting application. Users will also be able to find Evernote's Moleskin and other branded paper notebook options in the online store.

Evernote is also debuting a series of lifestyle products for tech fans who want to represent their favorite note organizing team. Have you ever wanted a Evernote tee shirt? How about socks? They've got you covered. On a more practical level the company also debuted a beautiful high quality minimalist flat backpack and a rucksack that seeks to improve on the standard messenger bag.

[Editor's Note: Having had a chance to see and touch these backpacks, I must say they are incredibly well made and the design is tops. I'm a bit of a luggage nerd and I'm always on the lookout for a good backpack. My only worry now is having to choose between the flat backpack, the larger backpack and the smaller, triangular messenger bag. -- Victor]

Evernote's announcements today show that the company is looking to expand into areas beyond simply your phone and desktop. They want to be inside your notebook, your random notes on your desk, and on your tee shirt. The increased integration and scanning options they've announced today make that desire a very real possibility, if only for this one tech writer.