Jukebox Heroes: 14 MMO soundtracks you can check out on SoundCloud

Jukebox Heroes X MMO soundtracks you can check out on SoundCloud

I'm a pretty slow adopter of new technology and services, so I've only recently really started paying attention to the music-sharing service that is SoundCloud because I've started to see more and more MMO composers plopping down their work onto the site for the world to enjoy. Now that I've spent some time with SoundCloud, I've got to say just how impressed I am with what it can offer to the soundtrack community.

Composers and studios can put their soundtracks up on the site for people to listen through without that annoying arbitrary 30-second limit that certain digital distribution platforms use. In addition to providing music for the ears, musicians have the option to show where these albums can be purchased -- and in some cases, offer the tracks as a free download. In return, listeners can tag portions of the songs and have back-and-forth discussions with the composers.

I've done a lot of digging and have discovered quite a few MMO soundtracks that are available on SoundCloud, including some that you can legally download and enjoy today. Here are 14 to get you started, but if you see any more, please let us all know in the comments!

1. Total Recall Online

Freelance composer Derek Zhao is still working on this Asian title, but he's provided us with over a half-hour of original music already. Zhao is my hero for also making all 15 tracks available as free downloads, so I shall reward him by kicking off the list with this title.

2. Guild Wars 2

Love all of the new music added for the various events and holidays? You can check out all of the non-Jeremy Soule music for this game on SoundCloud and download most of them. And yes, Super Adventure Box's soundtrack is included!

3. RuneScape

This MMO has just a metric ton of music, so while these 20-odd tracks aren't going to cover it all, they're a great start -- especially if you're in love with the new RuneScape 3 tunes.


I'm not familiar with this score at all, but it's now bookmarked on my computer to check out at a later date. I do like this track, however. It's deliciously old-school RPG.

5. WildStar

Jeff Kurtenacker's made several of this upcoming MMO's tracks available already as he's continued to work on the project over a year now. I'm serious, if the studio doesn't release this as an OST, I will be staging a very sad one-man protest in front of the building.

6. Embers of Caerus

This title is still in the beta oven, slowly cooking, but Composer Daniel Kobylarz has made a trio of tracks available for those who want just a taste. This song is pretty haunting and moving, and if the rest of the score echoes it, I'll be eagerly waiting to partake.

7. EVE Online

Yup, everyone's favorite space soundtrack made the jump over to SoundCloud, where you can both listen to and download the OST to your heart's content.

8. Darkfall Unholy Wars

Liking the new iteration of this game? Composer Reppas Asimakis probably hopes you like his music too, and he's put a lot of it up on this site.

9. Entropia Universe

Another score I haven't gotten around to examining as of yet, although the fact that it can be downloaded here for nothing is a good incentive to stop dragging my feet on it!

10. The Repopulation

You have to scroll down through Composer Steven Coltart's page here, but it's worth it to discover a handful of tracks to this upcoming sandbox. Really lovely stuff. I can't wait to go into more depth with it in the future.

11. City of Heroes: Going Rogue

Miss your superheroes? Might as well add some music to your ongoing melancholy, I figure. This page has all of the music for the game's lone expansion, and in my opinion, it's among the best produced for CoH in its heyday.

12. Age of Empires Online, Global Agenda, and Tribes Ascend

One composer, three online titles, and plenty of tracks to sift through. This composer is obviously talented; I just hope he can find a successful MMO to hitch his wagon to in the future.

13. DC Universe Online

I'm not the biggest fan of this soundtrack, but I'm sure some are, so here's one of the composers' page with a few samples.

14. Club Penguin

Why? Because I don't want to end on #13 and jinx this column. Thank you, penguin!

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