Spill Norse and Saxon blood in War of the Vikings today

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Spill Norse and Saxon blood in War of the Vikings today
Paradox Interactive has announced that War of the Vikings, the follow-up to multiplayer medieval combat game War of the Roses, will join Steam Early Access. An Alpha version of the game is available right now on Steam, and those who've picked up the Kingmaker edition of War of the Roses can try out the sequel free until October 4.

War of the Vikings is based on the Viking Age, a period around 800 AD when the Vikings scoured Europe looking for conquest and trade. The game, which doesn't stray very far from the foundation established by War of the Roses, will launch fully on Steam early next year.
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War of the Vikings Now Playable in Alpha via Steam Early Access
Paradox Offers Early Access to Hurly Axes

NEW YORK - October 1, 2013 - Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a fan of
longboats, today opened War of the Vikings on Steam's Early Access program. War of the
Vikings, the upcoming multiplayer close-combat game from Fatshark, can be purchased and
played immediately thanks to the Steam Early Access program, allowing players to follow the
growth of the game firsthand as it makes its way through the development process. Early
Access players will be able to shape the future of War of the Vikings from the inside, and will
receive the finished product at no extra cost when complete. The ongoing Viking/Saxon conflict
can be joined now on Steam Early Access at http://store.steampowered.com/app/234530/.

"After the first well-received War of the Vikings Alpha we began planning for the next phase
and explored all options available to us," said Gordon Van Dyke, Executive Producer of the War
franchise. "We already knew we wanted to do another public Alpha and Beta, and we'd
planned to offer pre-orders. After consideration, it was a no-brainer to go with Steam Early
Access and kill two birds with one axe, and give our community ample opportunity to help
shape the final product."

War of the Vikings Alpha participants and owners of War of the Roses: Kingmaker Edition will
get a free sample of Early Access from October 1 to October 4, 2013. Gamers who own War of
the Roses: Kingmaker Edition and/or Mount&Blade: Warband are also offered a discount of
10% off the regular Early Access price for the first month of availability.

Multiple packages are available for purchase during Early Access, including a Standard Edition,
or the Blood Eagle Edition that will include a digital concept art book and soundtrack alongside
exclusive gear. The incredible Valhalla Edition, War of the Vikings' most premium package, will
come with all in-game content unlocked, and will also grant access to all future content at no
extra charge – along with the digital concept art book and an extended Deluxe Edition
soundtrack. Every edition also grants players membership in the Early Access Club, which
includes bonus loot and an additional shield pattern when the game is released.

War of the Vikings will be available in Q1 2014, for more information about War of the Vikings,
visit http://www.warofthevikings.com/.
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