Snoopy lets you examine websites with Mobile Safari

One of the weaknesses of mobile web browsers is the lack of a simple way to view a website's source information. Sure you could wait until you got home to examine how a site is built, but we live in the future. Waiting till we get home is very 2012. That's where Snoopy comes in.

Snoopy is a bookmarklet that allows you to quickly view source, giving you a look at the doctype, the JS libraries the page uses, what analytics are used, a look at the raw source of the page and a number of other finer details.

There are a few ways to get Snoopy to work in Mobile Safari. The simplest method is to simply drag the bookmarklet from the page, here, up to your bookmarks bar. Turn on iCloud or use an iTunes bookmark sync to your iDevice to have the link show up in your mobile bookmarks.

If you use Google Chrome, simply save the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Bar in your browser and then sync bookmarks between iOS and your desktop using your Google account.

If you don't use syncing, there is another way available to get Snoopy installed that's a little more complicated. Head over to Snoopy's official page for a complete walkthrough of how to manually add the bookmarklet to Safari and Chrome.

Get to Snooping.