Rockstar: GTA Online title update coming 'as soon as tomorrow' (Update: released for PS3 and Xbox 360)

Rockstar's "around the clock" work addressing the issues surrounding GTA Online could pay off soon. The developer promised that a title update is in the works and may be available "as soon as tomorrow," in an update to yesterday's trouble-shooting post. So if you can hold out just a bit longer, joining up with your buddies for a little group mayhem instead of a staring contest with a loading symbol could be a single sleep away. Or, you know, you could just work on your 100 percent completion of Grand Theft Auto 5 where no connection is needed. It's up to you!

Update: Rockstar has updated its news post to say that it's just posted an update that should salve the issues of frustrated PS3 owners. Xbox devotees will need to sit tight, but the company has said that a fix will be coming "later today."

Update 2: Rockstar has tweeted that the update is out for Xbox 360 as well.