DPReview takes a detailed look at the iPhone 5s camera

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DPReview takes a detailed look at the iPhone 5s camera

DPReview is well-known for its exhaustive camera reviews that analyze both the hardware and the resulting images produced by that hardware. Beside traditional point-and-shoots and DSLRs, DPReview also examines smartphone cameras with the same amount of detail it uses with its traditional camera reviews. The photography review site recently turned its attention towards the iPhone 5s in a 10-page review that features 78 sample images.

Not surprisingly, the reviewers found the iPhone 5s to be a very capable camera in the smartphone category. DPReview concludes,

The iPhone 5s features a very good camera that's easy to use and delivers strong results with little user intervention. It's a logical extension of the Apple design philosophy, with evolutionary performance increases and feature extensions. iPhone photographers looking to trade up will find much to like in the 5s, but it's not likely to lure users who prefer larger screens or are committed to other mobile operating systems.

You can read the entire review on DPReview's website.

[Via The Loop; Image from DPReview]

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