Samsung's curved smartphone gets pictured in leak (update: now official)

If you think there's something wrong with the image above, you wouldn't be alone -- but it is, in fact, what it's supposed to look like. As you can tell, this may very well be the first Samsung device that takes advantage of the Korean manufacturer's flexible screen, as shown to us by notorious leakster @evleaks. If this is accurate, it's quite a bit different than the prototype we originally saw at CES this past January, which featured a flat display that drooped off on one side and was designed to show a ticker-like notification bar. The image above also shows what appears to be a Korean version of the rumored device, but we don't know for sure if it'll ever see the light of day in other countries. This also indicates that an upcoming launch may very well be close at hand. We'll update our post with more pictures if or when they come in.

Update: Another pic of the SM-G910S (the curved phone's rumored model number) has been added after the break. @evleaks has also mentioned that this is indeed going to be a Korean device.

Update 2: It didn't take too long for the phone to become official as the Galaxy Round. Head here for the full rundown.

Samsung's curved smartphone gets pictured in leak