Gabriel Knight remake headed to PC, Mac, mobile in 2014

As it approaches the 20th anniversary of its original release, the classic point-and-click adventure game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers will soon see a remake helmed by its original designer, Jane Jensen.

Sins of the Fathers tracks book store owner Gabriel Knight and his quest to solve a series of ritual murders in the swamps of New Orleans. The remake was initially revealed during Jensen's Pinkerton Road Kickstarter campaign, though the project has since acquired funding independent of Kickstarter.

The Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th anniversary edition is set to premiere in mid-2014 for Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android platforms, featuring 3D retina display-quality graphics, voiced dialogue, and a remastered soundtrack from composer Robert Holmes.

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The Shadow Hunter Returns: Gabriel Knight® Adventure Game to be Revamped by Original Creator Jane Jensen

Jensen's Pinkerton Road working on 20th Anniversary remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android

LANCASTER, Pa. - October 8, 2013 - In 1993, a rash of ritual voodoo murders took place in the swamps and back alleys of New Orleans. With local police baffled, only one man was equipped to solve the case: Gabriel Knight, owner of a French Quarter bookstore, struggling novelist, and an unwitting descendent in a long line of shadow-hunting Schattenjägers. Armed with little more than a sacred dagger and talisman, his N'awlins drawl, and his own irresistible brand of charm, Gabriel Knight quickly became a gaming sensation when Sierra On-Line released his first adventure, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers®, in December 1993.

Twenty years later, the charismatic Schattenjäger is making a welcome comeback thanks to the work of Gabriel Knight® creator Jane Jensen's indie development studio, Pinkerton Road LLC, which licensed the Gabriel Knight IP from Activision Publishing, Inc.. The Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th anniversary edition is planned for a mid-2014 release as a digital download for PC, Mac®, iPad®, and Android™. The game is being reconstructed from scratch with all new retina display quality visuals and voice recording, in a development process overseen by Jensen.

"I'm thrilled to be back at work on Gabriel Knight and to bring this classic game to a new generation of players," says Jensen. "It's a designer's dream to be able to enhance the game and bring in more New Orleans flavor than technical limitations allowed us to in 1993. It's going to look and feel like a brand new title. But never fear, 100% of the original Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is here. I hope both existing fans and new players will love it."

The revamped Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers will feature the same mature storyline and puzzle solving as the 1993 version, with research assistant Grace Nakimura, the inept Detective Mosely, and the local color of New Orleans supporting Gabriel's paranormal investigation. Stunning high-res (2048x1536) 3D graphics will replace the original 640x480 resolution pixel art, presenting the authentic New Orleans environments with more detail than ever before. The remake will also have a remastered soundtrack by Robert Holmes, the game's original composer, and will include special edition content.

Pinkerton Road has been working on the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th anniversary edition under the working title "Mystery Game X" for about a year. The studio also has a brand new adventure game, Moebius, slated for release in 2013.

About Gabriel Knight

The Gabriel Knight series originated at Sierra On-Line, a pioneer of point-and-click adventure games, in the 1990s. Charming Schattenjäger Gabriel Knight and his long-suffering sidekick Grace Nakimura starred in three critically-acclaimed games: Sins of the Fathers (1993), The Beast Within (1995), and Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (1999), as well as two novel adaptations penned by series creator Jane Jensen. The series is known for its mature storylines and layered characters, with supernatural mysteries and puzzle-solving gameplay drawn from real-world legend and historical events. All three Gabriel Knight games earned high review scores and industry awards including Best of E3, Best Story, Adventure Game of the Year, and Game of the Year from publications such as Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer, Gamespot, CNET, and others. Learn more at

About Pinkerton Road

Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes founded Pinkerton Road in 2012 to create narrative games for tablet and desktop computers. A game designer and writer, Jane is best known for her work on the Gabriel Knight® adventure games and hidden object games such as Dying for Daylight. Robert is a composer, producer, musician, and strategic digital marketing executive whose music has appeared in numerous video games. The studio is working on two adventure games: Moebius, which was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers® 20th anniversary edition. The studio has also released a children's ebook, Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure, for iPad. To learn more, visit

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