Quasar IV encrypted phone begins production, slated for Q2 2014 release

DNP Quasar IV

By the looks of it, Quasar IV's Indiegogo campaign won't reach its $3.2 million goal -- not when it's only been able to raise a small fraction of that amount with so little time left. Even so, the super-secure phone with encrypted local and cloud storage will still see the light of day. QSAlpha, the company behind the device, tells Engadget that the crowdfunding campaign generated enough buzz to attract the right people who paved the way for production to begin. The firm hasn't forgotten those who've supported its early efforts, though, and, as a gesture of appreciation, will notify all Indiegogo backers on how to reserve a unit. If you're one of them, you'll get a heads up when the phone's ready for release, although that won't be until the second quarter of 2014.